Hydraulic Fracturing Sand

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Select Materials meets or exceeds ISO 13503-2 and API RP 19C specifications for particle distribution, roundness and sphericity, turbidity, acid solubility and crush resistances.  Select Materials can produce any custom frac sand mesh or blended gradation specs.  Our most popular frac sand grades are 40/70 mesh sand and 100 mesh sand.  20/40 mesh sand, 30/50 mesh, and 30/70 mesh can also be supplied.

Select Materials also specializes in frac sand delivery.  We use custom and contractor trucking fleets to deliver sand to your hydraulic fracing well sites at very economical prices.  The trailers and permits we use maximize the loads for efficient delivery up to 8 hours from our site into the furthest reaches of the Utica shale oil and Marcellus oil fracing fields.  Since the sand is being delivered straight from the manufacturer without any railroad transfers or additional logistics and trans-loading, our delivered price is the lowest possible.