Sand Mine

Select Materials can produce washed, screened, and sorted high grade silica industrial sand for all you company’s needs.  Clients use our different grades of industrial sand that we manufacture for the following applications:

Asphalt Sealing

Brick Manufacturing


Chemical Processing

Concrete Aggregates

Enamel Frit

Epoxy Flooring

Erosion Control

Fertilizer Additive



Foundry Sand

Frac Sand

Glass Manufacturing

Golf Course Sands

Gravel Pack

Landscaping Stones and Grout

Masonry Sand

Organic Blends

Paint Compounds

Plaster / Stucco Sand

Propagating Sand

Fracking Well Proppant

Railroad Track Traction

Roofing Gravel & Parting

Sand Blasting

Scouring Cleansers


Skid Resistant Flooring

Steel Industry

Turf Building

Volleyball Sand


Select Materials can produce any amount that you need.  We can have the material dropped off anywhere accessible on your site.  All you have to do is call and the sand will be on its way within a day!



The entire central Ohio and mid west state area and towns. Out of state delivery is available with special quote.